SLW World 2024 International Summit set to redefine real estate tech landscape

Smart Lift and Mobility World Expo of the latest technological innovations in Real Estate from March 1 to 3 at BIEC.

Starting March 1, a three-day exhibition showcasing the latest technological advancements in “smart lift and mobility” within the real estate sector will be held at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre.

This expo stands out as it will feature cutting-edge and innovative technological advancements that have never been exhibited before, making it a unique and unparalleled event in the international arena.


This expo, the largest of its kind, will see participation from over 130 exhibitors, more than 60 experts, and over 3000 delegates.

The three-day expo will showcase a variety of advanced equipment related to the real estate sector, including elevators, mobility solutions, and revamped, access-controlled entry and exit systems.

At the Smart Life and Mobility World 2024 (SLW World 2024) International Summit, prestigious awards will be presented. Additionally, participants of the world’s first elevator run will also be attending the expo.

SLW World 2024 is set to open its doors on March 1 at 10 AM and will conclude on March 3 at 4 PM.

On the opening day, the agenda includes seminars aimed at tackling obstacles within the real estate industry and unveiling new VHT technology. This will be complemented by presentations from experts on achieving design neutrality, utilizing sustainable stainless steel solutions with superior surface finishes for enhanced aesthetics, and ensuring an extended service life.

The agenda for the second day begins with an elevator safety run from 6 AM to 8:30 AM. Afterward, there will be seminars covering a range of topics, including upcoming construction innovations, fostering sustainable development, minimizing construction expenses, adopting the latest technologies, and improving security in the construction sector. The day will conclude with an award presentation ceremony in the evening.

On the final day, fourth-year Architect/Engineering students will be offered educational workshops on elevator technology basics, culminating in a certification. This initiative was unveiled by Raghunath G, Director of Virgo Communications & Exhibitions Pvt Ltd. The program’s launch was also supported by the Karnataka Hydraulic & Elevator Manufacturers Association’s president, Dr. Umesh Kumar, and project managers Vashdev G, Vishal Gaikwad, and Divya, who were present at the press event to announce the initiative.