Top 5 ways to get relief from period cramps

In this article, we are going to look at some ways by which we can at least reduce the painful cramps that occur during menstruation.

When it comes to having monthly periods, the worst part is having the cramps that come along with it. Not only this, this ‘period’ is accompanied by discomfort, mood swings, headaches etc. While a lot of women can handle these cramps, however the intensity of the pain varies from woman to woman. But, thankfully there are some ways by which one can get some relief from those cramps.

In this article, we are going to look at some such ways by which we can atleast reduce the painful cramps during this time. So, here are some of the effective ways to find relief from the period cramps :


1. Using a hot water bag – Using the hot water bag in the lower abdomen can provide relief from those cramps. Hot water bags can also be used while you are sitting on a chair doing work. This way you can get relief from the pain as well as continue with your daily work. Even having a warm bath or using a heating patches can help you get relief from cramps.

2. Painkillers – if the cramps are really severe, it is recommended by doctors to take painkillers. However, take the painkillers only that your doctor has prescribed to you rather than using any random painkiller you saw on the internet.

3. Exercises – There are some exercises that can help reduce period pain by releasing endorphins, which act as natural painkillers. Yoga also helps reduce the cramps.

4. Maintaining a diet – During periods, it is advisable to avoid eating anything spicy, salty or consuming caffeine. Maintaining a balanced diet during these days is really important. It has been found that bananas and dark chocolates help reduce pain and uplift the mood. Keeping yourself hydrated is also another important thing to keep in mind during your periods.

5. Ginger tea – Ginger tea has been proven to be beneficial in reducing period cramps. Making ginger tea is also really simple. You just need to put ginger in water and wait for it to boil for 2 minutes. After that you just need to strain it and mix some honey in it.