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Take care of your immunity before spring

After a long winter season, we all seek for the first symptoms of the coming spring. Unfortunately, often one of the first signs is our bad mood, runny nose, coughing, and other health problems issues. That’s quite common at early spring. Yet, it doesn’t mean you have to fall ill every time the weather changes drastically. Here are some tips on how to take care of your immunity.

#1 Do regular check-ups

It’s quite easy to say that your body is in a perfect condition, and you don’t need any doctor’s visits. You don’t feel any pain, or see any other symptoms that your body is struggling with something. Be aware though some illnessess and shortages of vitamins or minerals are not visible at first sight.

Your GP should tell you what parametres it’s recommended to check in order to eliminate the risk of catching a cold, or other illnesses quite often. A good Medical Insurance will cover for the costs of most of the examinations.

#2 Be active

There is nothing worse for our body than a sedentary lifestyle. A balanced amount of physical activity makes your body healthier and stronger. Your blood circulation is improved, delivering more oxygen to your brain and heart.

Even the shortest set of exercises, a walk, or replacing a lift with stairs gives your body a chance to recover, and get rid of tiredness and stress.

A decent amount of the time spent outside will increase the vitamin D level, which plays a crucial role in building your immunity.

#3 Take care of your mental health

We may not even be aware what impact our mentality has on the physical condition of our body. According to the Total Biology, the healing process is deeply rooted in our subconsciousness. We cannot feel well physically until our brain lets us feel in this way.

That means our brain needs to be peaceful and relaxed. Sometimes radical steps are required to achieve mental balance. If you hate your current life, your job, your place of living, you have to change them. Clinging to your dissatisfying life will get you down, and your body will fall ill more often.

#4 Follow a balanced diet

In the era of omnipresent diets, cutting down on carbohydrates, gluten, or oils, it may be difficult to accept the fact our bodies don’t need any of them.

The truth is, the most important is to eat a healthy and balanced diet. What does a balanced diet mean? Eating everything you like, without overeating. It’s recommended to keep the 80-20 pattern. It means 80% of healthy food, and 20% of all the foods concerned to us as high in calories, and harmful to our body condition.

Take care of your body and mentality now, find a good GP who will lead you through the way to your healthy body. Remember about comprehensive Medical Insurance to cover for the costs of examinations.