Is it gas pain or a heart problem? Here’s how to spot difference between both

Differentiating between gas pain and heart pain can be difficult and many patients avoid seeking emergency care because they believe their gas pain is harmless. However, there are clear differences between the two types of pain.

Dr. Kala Jeethender Jain, a consultant interventional cardiologist at Yashoda Hospitals in Hyderabad, states that gas pain typically starts in the lower chest or abdomen and does not usually spread to other areas. The signs usually decrease or increase with certain postures and disappear when taking antacids or before trying to consult the doctor.


Heart pain normally starts in the centre of the chest and can occasionally spread to the left hand, jaw, or upper back. It can be accompanied by other cardiac symptoms such as shortness of breath, perspiration, giddiness, vomiting, etc. Symptoms increase with walking or exertion, reduced by rest or cardiac medications

Instead of wasting time trying to figure out between the two, visiting a doctor or cardiologist may save lives by providing the necessary care.

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