Does dehydration cause weight gain?

Dehydration is a common problem during the summer months. Excessive heat might cause you to sweat excessively, leading to fluid loss. Dehydration can cause issues such as headaches, dizziness, low blood pressure and more. Not many people are aware that dehydration might make it difficult to lose weight. Every summer, many people set out to lose weight. However, certain unintentional errors, such as dehydration, can make weight reduction difficult.

Water consumption is beneficial to your overall health and aids in weight loss. It promotes calorie restriction, which aids in weight reduction.


Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal described how being well-hydrated helps in weight reduction in an Instagram post. “Dehydration could be preventing you from losing weight. A dehydrated body can reduce your metabolism, make you crave more food and increase inflammation,” she explained in the video.

She emphasized the same point in the video’s caption, saying that dehydration may lead to inflammation, a slow metabolism and increased food cravings. “A tasty source of natural sugars and magnesium, sugarcane juice helps replenish energy and essential nutrients,” Nmami penned in the caption.


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