Work from home, vaccination drives for employees are global policies: Tech Giants

Tech Giants like Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Uber are ready to call their employees and begin the worldwide inoculation drive for boosting the health of workers and begin the physical work again.

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai wrote a mail to all the employees and highlighted the prerequisite of being vaccinated against Corona before entering the campuses. Alphabet has also ensured that inoculation drive will experience expansion in various regions in the coming months. Tech Giants like Microsoft, Facebook, Uber have also invited employees to come to the office months after undergoing strict lockdown.

The culture of ‘Work from Home’ got improved like never before. One after the other, everyone is announcing the same instruction. Salesforce declared the necessity of immunity before joining the office in April. 


Recent conditions and the subtle predictions of the third wave can force companies to extend the policy of working from home till October 18. Delta Variant and emerging Havana are also a concern for physical activities. 

Excerpts of Sundar Pichai’s main highlight the important aspects behind the strategies designed by companies. The policy of coming to the office after getting fully vaccinated is prominent. This will get viral in the USA and will also experience extension in other parts of the world. Extensions of inoculation drive will take place according to the code of conduct of that specific areas. The second point mentioned was about the worldwide program of ‘Work from Home.’ 

The variants of Corona and waves of floods are augmenting and that’s why making a firm strategy to begin the physical work again is not feasible and appropriate. For an organization, employees are the backbones of the company. The safety and hygiene of the employees must be taken into consideration. 

Lori Gorel also has circulated a message about prioritizing health care facilities for employees.

Whether it is legal or not was the question raised by many but, Under Federal Law, Employers have that right to vaccinate employees. Silicon Valley is the area with massive inoculation rates. Facebook and  Google have their headquarters situated in a valley. This process will take some time as these tech giants have their offices in the entire world. 

Vaccinations will happen and workplaces will enjoy the presence of physical forms.