Sunil Pal made a harsh comment against doctors, says ‘90% of the doctors dressed in demon suits ‘

India is amid fatal COVID-19, health care system has crashed and daily recording more than four lakhs cases. Doctors across the country are frontline warriors dyed-in-the-wool to save the lives of the people, while the whole country is combating COVID-19, Bollywood comedian Sunil Pal shared a video on social media and spoke. He said that he called 90% of the doctors dressed in demon suits and thieves while he mentioned that the other 10% were genuine. The statement given by the comedian is very offending, and an FIR has lodged against the comedian.
The comedian has been criticized on social media for making such presumptuous comments on doctors, who are fighting against such life-threatening viruses daily keeping their lives at risk.
The comedian denies any against FIR lodged against him and apologizes on social media regarding his content.