Palak Munchal plans to set up a hospital due to pandemic and, wrote “Elated to share with you that my dream of building a hospital”

Palak  is admired for her euphonious voice had given many beautiful songs to Bollywood, but the hidden part of the signer which we are not aware of is, she has performed shows across the nation and has raised a fund he poor children who need financial assistance for the medical treatment of heart diseases.
The singer is planning to build a hospital during COVID-19 because the health care system in India is inadequate in comparison to daily increasing cases, and the treatment for the patients will be free of cost as well. The singer published a photo on Instagram and captioned it “Elated to share with you that my dream of building a hospital is taking a concrete shape, where treatment will be given free of cost to those who can’t afford the medical care. The construction work is stepping into the next stage, need your blessings.”
Palak’s name has been mentioned in the Guinness World record and Limca World record for her social work and contribution towards humanity.