Pak PM Imran Khan moves forward to help India combat the global pandemic

Pakistan PM Imran Khan and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, on Saturday, proposed India to combat the global pandemic together. They expressed unity and cohesion towards the country.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Saturday, expressed his cohesion towards the people of India and proposes to fight out the global pandemic together. PM Imran said in a tweet, “We must fight this global challenge confronting humanity together.”

Khan further added, “I want to express our solidarity with the people of India as they battle a dangerous wave of Covid-19. Our prayers for a speedy recovery go to all those suffering from the pandemic in our neighbourhood and world”.


In addition to this, Pak Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi also expresses his solidarity towards India. He also extends support to India. Qureshi says, “The Covid-19 crisis is yet another reminder that humanitarian issues require responses beyond political consideration.”

Foreign Minister Qureshi tweeted, “We express our support to the people of India in the wake of the current wave of Covid-19 infections that has hit our region hard. On behalf of the people of Pakistan, I extend our heartfelt sympathies to the affected families in India”.

Adding further, he said, “COVID-19 is yet another reminder that humanitarian issues require a response beyond political consideration. Pakistan continues to work with SAARC countries to foster cooperation to tackle the pandemic.”

Well, the second wave of Covid-19 is indeed going intractable and even more deleterious. The country, on Saturday, reported 3,46,786 fresh COVID-19 cases, which is considered to be the highest single-day spike till date. Additionally, India has reported 2,624 deaths in the last 24 hours; according to the official data issued by the government.

Although, the number of current active  COVID-19 cases in the country stands at 25,52,940.