MyGov app busts some myths around Coronavirus

Apart from all the major tech companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook, even MyGov app of India comes forward to shed a light on some facts related to COVID-19 virus (coronavirus).

The app is trying to make people aware of what is true and what is spreading as a ‘fake news’


Coronavirus myth-busters in MyGov app

Rumours like ‘cold weather and snow are unable to fight with the coronavirus’ and ‘hand dryers cannot kill the virus’ are doing rounds on social media and the internet. Do you also think that rising the nose with saline protects you from the infection? Then just check the app for proper facts because it has also been found that the virus can even be spread in areas with hot and humid climates.

Eating garlic won’t protect anyone from coronavirus and neither mosquito bites are a threat, the app clarifies.

The app also tells that thermal scanners can check the body temperature no doubt but cannot detect the virus in your body. Moreover, antibiotics even do not have any role to play in this situation.

If the virus can spread through pets or not, this has not been proved.

No amount of alcohol or chlorine sprayed on your human body can kill the virus.

The Indian government is launching WhatsApp chatbox called ‘MyGov Corona Helpdesk which will give basic information on the virus. Shared by NPPA-India’s (National Pharmaceuticals Pricing Authority of India) official Twitter handle, the number for chat is – 9013151515.

Launching an initiative on the Indian-based chatting app Telegram, the government has come up with MyGov Coron NewsDesk on the app.

On this platform, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech about the Coronavirus outbreak, suggestions, awareness and prevention of the disease along with FAQ about the virus outbreak will be available.