Maharashtra Chief Minister’s office launches the ‘My Family My Responsibility’ campaign with more measures to tackle COVID-19

Maharashtra CM Udhhav Thackeray states the provisions of ‘ My Family My Mesponsibility campaign ‘ that was launched by BMC on Sep 14 as a measure to contain the virus.

Citing the provisions of ‘ My Family My Responsibility’ campaign on Thursday, September 24, Maharshtra’s Chief Minister’s office tweeted ” My Family My responsibility campaign entails door-to-door survey for tracing and treating COVID-19 patients, identifying the people with co-morbidities, raising awareness and  educating citizens on safety measures to break the chain of transmission.”

The campaign  that was launched by Maharshtra CM Udhhav Thackeray targets to reach 2.25 crore families twice a month with the help of NGO’S and elected representatives . He had said that the government was working round the clock over the past 5-6 months to tackle the disease, but the struggle was not over yet and that living with it is a reality now.


“Ensuring that no one gets infected by the disease is the key mantra, and our squads will reach out to households to inform people on this” He quoted.

As of September 22, 55,268 teams have been formed, 69.94 lakhs households have been reached, 2.24 crore people checked, and 4,517 + COVID-19 positive people have been identified from 37,733 suspected cases.