Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla tests positive for COVID-19, got admitted to AIIMS Delhi

Condition of Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla is stable and his parameters are also normal.

On Friday, March 19, Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla tested positive for COVID-19 and got admitted to Covid Centre of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi on March 20, a day after getting tested positive.

The news came out on Sunday, March 21, after the Media Cell and Protocol Division of AIIMS, New Delhi released a press release confirming the same. The press release states, “Sh. Om Birla, Hon’ble Member of Parliament and Speaker of the Lok Sabha tested positive for Covid on March 19th.


Source: ANI (Twitter)

However, the Lok Sabha speaker is now stable and all his parameters are also normal. Till now, many politicians have wished Birla ‘a speedy recovery’ from the deadly virus.

Om Birla is the 18th and current speaker of Lok Sabha and also the Member of Parliament from Kota constituency of Rajasthan. He is a member of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP).