Lizza Malik offers medical treatment to her office employees during the pandemic

India is battling from COVID-19 during such tough times many Bollywood celebrities came across to help the nation from COVID-19, similarly, Lizza Malik is contributing towards the employees who tested positive for COVID-19, who are trying to survive from COVID-19. Lizza managed to arrange beds, oxygen cylinders, and basic treatment for her 50 employees, according to the sources she said It’s a precarious time for everyone. Things are falling off for a lot of people. We have about 50 of our employees who tested positive. This is the time we have to stand for them and I am not turning away,” and further added” We are in it together and we will stand strong. I request everyone to follow all the SOPs and take care of themselves. Stay indoors if it’s not an emergency. And this too shall pass. We have to fight this battle together,”