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Kappa Variant of the COVID-19 virus detected in Uttar Pradesh

The highly transmissible Kappa variant of the covid-19 has been detected in Uttar Pradesh through the genome sequencing of certain samples the state government said today there were two cases reported.

These samples returned positive for the Kappa variant in Lucknow King George medical College said the official statements. In 107 samples The delta plus variant of the covid-19 is found, the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has been informed about this.

In a statement issued by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in a cold review, the meeting said that both the parents were new to the state the facility of genome sequencing is being increased within the state. According to researchers, the current daily positivity rate of covid-19 in Uttar Pradesh is 0.04%.

When asked about this new variant the Chief Health Secretary Amit Mohan Prasad said that many cases of this variant were found in the state. Mr. Prasad did not disclose the names of the affected district or the place of its origin in the state.

Mr. Prasad quoted saying by the news agency PTI, said that there is nothing to worry about this is a variant of coronavirus and its treatment is easily possible The state government is now having a watch on the variants like delta, Alpha, and Kappa as they are much more transmissible.

Alongside this 10 more people succumbed to the covid-19 virus in the state which brings the toll to 22,676 cases, with the detection of 112 fresh new cases. 11 of the fresh cases were recorded in Lucknow Kanpur and Varanasi