Joe Biden receives shot of COVID-19 vaccine, Kamala Harris next in line

US President-elect Joe Biden received a shot of COVID-19 vaccine live on television on Monday. This was done to increase the confidence of American citizens and also to curb US President Donald Trump’s mixed signals, Mint reported.

The President’s transition team reported that Biden got the Pfizer vaccine shot at the Christiana Hospital in Newark, Delaware just after his wife received the first shot.


Next in line are Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and her husband who will be vaccinated next week.

The future President and first lady are among the top political figures who joined the first wave of vaccination drive in the United States.

Meanwhile, Trump is yet to take part in the drive and believes to enjoy the natural immunity he got after recovering from a bout of Coronavirus. First lady Melania Trump has also been largely absent from the issue even after contracting the virus.

Serving Vice President Mike Pence and his wife got vaccinated last week.

The US began its first wave of the vaccination drive a week ago in an attempt to stop the pandemic which has claimed lives of almost 318,000 Americans till now.