Jasmine Bhasin raises question over the medical system, asks if our ‘system has failed’

Our nation is brawling from COVID-19 daily, the condition of the country is in a languid position. Every day, someone struggles not to give up on their lives and others, find beds, find oxygen, and other basic aid to fight from COVID second wave. Similarly Bigboss contestant Jasmine Bhasin is struggling the same for her mother. Jasmine’s mother tested positive for COVID-19, and she was unable to find a bed for her mother in hospitals. Jasmine questioned the system and wrote on Twitter. “People are losing their loved ones, family. Who do we blame? Has our system failed?” and added “Disappointed and heartbroken. Everyday deaths, people on streets trying to find beds and oxygen. My own mother was in the same situation two days back where finding a bed was a task. My old father was running around to find medical care for her, many are going through same.”


The fans had slooshed support and love to jasmine and asked her to stay strong as soon as she tweeted.