Jacqueline Fernandez gets active with YOLO executing relief work due to COVID-19

During COVID-19 2nd wave, the condition of our country has demolished due to lockdown. People who earn day-to-day are not able to have one day meal even. During this raspy time, Jacqueline Fernandez came together with the YOLO foundation to succor during COVID-19 relief by distribution of 1 lakhs meal.
The actor shared the photos and Twitter and captioned it, “till date, even during the pandemic. They are the perfect example of what #kindnessbrigade aspires to do and I am honored to be of help to them during these times. We only live once! Let’s make this life worth it by helping others in need and sharing the #storiesofkindness
and added one more tweet and wrote Mother Teresa once said, “Peace begins when the hungry are fed.” I was truly humbled and inspired to visit Mumbai
today, which is run by former Mumbai police commissioner Mr. D Sivanandan. Roti Bank has prepared and distributed meals to millions of hungry people