India to get fourth COVID-19 vaccine by August, says govt official

Apart from Covisheild and COVAXIN, India is expecting to get its fourth vaccine by August. The vaccine will enter the phase 3 trial now.

India is now anticipating getting its fourth vaccine by August 2021. The vaccine is Hyderabad-based Biological E’s indigenous Covid-19 vaccine. Biological E has completed phase 1 & 2 trials and soon to enter into the phase 3 trials.

“Phase 1, phase 2 trials of Indian vaccine of Biological E have finished and they’ll soon go into phase 3. This is a very significant development as they have a capacity of 7 crore/ 70 million vaccines per month”, as per the statement given by Dr. VK Paul, member of NITI Aayog.


Furthermore, Biological E is going to manufacture 1 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines including the one developed by Johnson & Johnson under the quad vaccine partnership, according to the statement given by a White House press note.

Well, Biological E Ltd is the largest manufacturer of tetanus vaccines and snake venom antibodies in India.

In addition to this, amid the surge in Covid-19 cases, the government has given approval to the Russian vaccine Sputnik V. Now, India is all geared up to receive the Russian vaccine.

Also, according to a statement issued by the health ministry on Wednesday, over 13 crore doses of Covid vaccines. Additionally, in order to curb the escalating rates of the Coronavirus, the government has been focussing on boosting up the vaccination drive.