COVID-19: India records more than 7000 daily new cases

India records almost double the number of daily cases as the tally rises to 7240 cases in the past 24 hours.

COVID-19 cases are again turning up in the country and the daily active caseload is on a steep rise. India on Thursday recorded a total of 7,240 COVID-19 cases bringing the daily active caseload in the country to almost double in the past 24 hours. 

According to data from the Union Health Ministry, the number of cases increased on Thursday, bringing the overall number of COVID-19 cases to 43,197,522, with 32,498 active cases. The daily COVID-19 infections in the country crossed the 5000 mark after almost 94 days. 


The fatalities in the country are also increased according to Health Ministry’s data. The number rose to 5,24,723 after eight fresh fatalities were reported by the government. 

On Wednesday, June 9 Maharashtra had recorded the highest infection count of 2,701 COVID-19 cases. The number has been the highest since January 25. Reports show that Mumbai was responsible for at least 42% of the illnesses. One instance of B.A.5 variation has been documented in the western state. In this regard, the Maharashtra government has already started to take strict COVID-19 precautions. Such as wearing masks in the public was made compulsory last week in the state. 

Maharashtra has not been the only state with a rise in COVID-19 cases. In the previous 24 hours, Kerala has recorded 2,271 new cases. In only one week, the southern state has recorded 10, 805 new illnesses.