Government yet again warns the masses against the third wave of COVID-19; Emphasized on coming 125 days to be critical

The Central government further emphasized that the coming 125 days would be very critical in an effort to contain the disease. 

The Central government on Friday warned the masses against the third wave of COVID 19. It notified that India have not yet reached herd immunity against COVID 19 and the possibilities of new outbreak of the viral infection cannot be ruled out.

The Central government further emphasized that the coming 125 days would be very critical in an effort to contain the disease.


While addressing a health ministry briefing, Dr. VK Paul who is the NITI Aayog Member (health) voiced that it is needed to stop the infection from transmitting now and this is possible by adopting COVID appropriate behavior.

Dr. VK Paul explained, “We have yet not reached herd immunity against COVID 19. We can see new outbreaks of the viral infections but we need to stop it now. This is possible if we follow COVID appropriate behavior to stay in the safe zone.”


Herd immunity is a condition where a maximum number of people have gained immunity either from vaccination or a past infection that is required to prevent the uncontrolled spread of the infection.

Herd immunity does not depends on only one person’s immune to infection. It means that a virus is no longer easily spreading from one person to another.  As a result, ensuring to protect those who are yet vulnerable to catching the infection.

Experts are in a loose opinion that herd immunity for coronavirus might be something around 70 per cent or higher. At the same time, development of new variants is making the picture much more complicated.

Dr Paul warns that the world is heading towards third wave

Dr. Paul warned that the COVID 19 situation is several countries is yet worsening and the ‘world is heading towards a third wave.’

He emphasized, “We need to use this window (between now and third wave) to upgrade our health infrastructure. The World Health Organization has issued a global warning and we must learn from it. The Prime Minister too has spoken about the third wave in other countries.”

Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary of health put forward that the COVID 19 cases has began to increase yet again in several other countries. He noted, “Our neighbors like Myanmar, Indonesia, and Bangladesh too are seeing a spurt in cases. The third wave in Malaysia and Bangladesh are higher than the second wave peaks.”

He added, “Analysis shows a projected decline in the use of face mask as we resume activities. we should incorporate the use of facemasks in  our lives as a new normal.”

The Health Ministry further pointed out that there is a projected dip of around 74 per cent in the mask usage in India since the lockdown relaxations commenced.