COVID-19: Millennials in India are more affected, latest data reveals

According to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center, the total number of Coronavirus cases has crossed 12 lakh globally. Whereas in India, the total confirmed COVID-19 cases have risen to 3374, while 77 deaths have been reported so far. In addition to this, the central government also revealed an age profile analysis of all the positive cases in India which shows the distinct age groups and infected cases as follows:


An action plan has been prepared to deal with the scenario of a large outbreak of this deadly infection, and on the strategy to contain it, according to the Health Ministry. “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. It is very important that we follow Government guidelines regarding lockdown, social distancing and hygiene in every way, in every place. We need to be informed, alert and should not panic unnecessarily”, stated the Joint Secretary Shri Luv Aggarwal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

Also, in order to augment funds available with the state governments, the release of Rs 11,092 crores under the State Disaster Risk Management Fund (SDRMF), has been sanctioned by the Union Home Ministry. This step would facilitate the states to take preventive and mitigation measures for containment of COVID-19.