China to nominate the controversial Wuhan Lab for a Nobel prize

China has demanded today that their laboratory in Wuhan to be awarded with a Nobel prize for their contribution for research about the Corona Virus. In a press conference conducted recently China’s Foreign Affairs Minister Mr Zhau Lijian that the laboratory in Wuhan deserves a Nobel prize in the medical field for studying and finding out about the Coronavirus. The minister also mentioned that the lab is being nominated for China’s top science awards.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology was selected by the Chinese Academy of Sciences for its ‘Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Prize’ in 2021 for its role in identifying the genome of the virus. Ever since he pandemic broke out in 2019, The Wuhan laboratory has been in a centre of controversy. The theories keep on coming again and again that lab is the origin source for SARS-CoV-2. People all over the world claim that China was experimenting with bats for making a bio weapon, due to which this unexpected virus escaped outside.


A Chinese virologist, Li-Meng Yan was amongst the first person there who claimed that the virus was leaked outside of the Wuhan lab. Looking at China’s demand for awarding the Nobel prize to the lab she replied saying, “It sounds crazy to me that the country asked Wuhan lab for a Nobel prize nomination. When we witness more and new evidences coming out people feel that the COVID-19 pandemic has been originated from Wuhan, and that the lab is also involved in evolving and modifying the virus formulas. She added, ” That the nomination of the lab clearly shows the countries perspective to the whole world, which is complete opposite but perfectly fits CCP’s logics”

She also added later, “Asking to be nominated for a Nobel prize not only indicates the CCP’s regime’s ambitions , but it also proves how in-human the communist ideology and dictatorship is. Moreover, it tells you clearly that the COVID-19 is NOT caused by a lab accident, but purposely released to destroy the rival countries by Chinese government.”