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Busting the Coronavirus myths

Amid the whole chaos of the Coronavirus outbreak, there are many rumours doing rounds on social media. Therefore, apart from fighting the battle with this life-threatening disease, the struggle to stop such ‘fake news’ has also become a huge task.

It indeed in a panicking situation, since the Wuhan born virus is now capturing the whole world. But at the same time, it is our responsibility to act mature and calm throughout this situation and let the government handle this.


Some of the myths which you do not have to believe are:

  • Taking a hot shower can prevent you from catching the virus
  • COVID-19 doesn’t survive in hot weather conditions
  • Drinking alcohol can prevent
  • Only elder people above age 60 are affected
  • A vaccine is available to cure COVID-19
  • Drinking more water prevents
  • Able to hold the breath for 10 seconds or more means, you are not affected
  • Taking vitamin C supplements would help you from not getting in contact with the virus
  • Can be transmitted through mosquito bites
  • COVID-19 doesn’t affect kids
  • Antibiotics will help you in fighting the disease
  • Thermal scanners can detect Coronavirus
  • Warm water and salt gargle can prevent catching COVID-19
  • Spraying alcohol helps
  • Using hand dryers is helpful

To be honest, you cannot do much about this whole situation. Just stay home and come in less contact with anyone. This is how we all can fight this epidemic together.