Blue Star receives Rs 200 crore order for COVID-19 vaccine storage: Source

Blue Star has secured Rs 200 crore order for COVID-19 vaccine storage and expects more order in Q4 for COVID-19 medicine storage, CNBC reported on Thursday.

In an interview with a news channel, B. Thyagrajan, the Managing Director of Blue Star had said, deep freezers, ice-lined refrigerators, cold rooms, walk-in coolers are some of their premium articles manufactured. They had initiated preparations since June, equipping the company better for dealing with new challenges. 70% market share was then invested in forma ice. He further added that India has leverage through participation in the Universal Immunisation Programme.


Since decades Blue Star has shown involvement in many vaccination programmes.

The main challenge expressed by him was the temperature, required for the vaccines to be maintained between 2 degrees and 8 degrees. For a temperature between -40 degree to -70 degree special efforts shall be required, as opinionated by him. Blue Star is preparing with raw material and finished goods, as specified by Thyagrajan. The company shall maintain deep freezers in stock as well.

They had also secured necessary approval from WHO and other organisations and shall not face the problem, Thyagrajan assured.

Regarding revenue collection, he said that it shall vary according to temperature. He predicted if between 2-4 degrees can be benefitted by around Rs 100-150 crore Blue Star’s additional revenue, then -20 degrees to 200-250 crores and to maintain -40 to -70 degrees more than 3000 crores may be needed.

Blue Star Limited is an Indian Multinational company specialising in designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing a wide variety of products in the air conditioning and commercial refrigeration industry, with the headquarters based in Mumbai, India. As of 2:16 pm, Blue Star share price witnessed a jump by 5.56% on NSE.