Bihar CM announces lockdown in Bihar till 15 May in wake of rising COVID-19 cases

Amid the escalating Covid cases in the state, the Bihar government announces a lockdown till the 15th of May. The total number of cases in Bihar is 4,98,000. Though, free vaccination has been promulgated in the state in order to get more and more people vaccinated.

Amid the intractable rates of Covid cases, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, on Tuesday, informs that a lockdown is going to be imposed in the states till the 15th of May, 2021.

CM Nitish Kumar further adds that the Crisis Management Group has been directed to dive into the related activities. He tweets, “After the discussion held with the officials & the ministers, it has been decided to impose a lockdown in Bihar till 15th May. In addition to this, the Crisis Management Group has been instructed to look into the related activities and take the opposite action”.


Although, the Covid situation in Bihar is getting tortuous to curb. Even the state capital Patna is turning into an extremely contagious room.

Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Science based in Patna has been completely converted  Covid center and also, the OPD departments have been closed amid the untrammeled rates of Coronavirus.

The total number of cases in Bihar stands at 4,98,000 which is even a magnanimous figure in comparison with that of the last year which was very less in number.

Furthermore, the state has reported 13,534 fresh infections in the last 24 hours.

Well, to combat the situation and encourage more and more people to get vaccinated, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has already announced that his administration would procure free of cost vaccination. And such facilities are available both at private & government hospitals.

Additionally, the number of the total active cases in India stands at 34,47,133. While the country has reported 3,57,229  fresh Covid cases in the last 24 hours. Also, 15,89,32,921 Covid vaccine doses have been administered, as per the reports of the union health ministry.