Biden vows to get US out of economic trouble and Coronavirus pandemic

US President Joe Biden has vowed to provide people with employment and vaccines to combat the novel Coronavirus pandemic. While mentioning that the US economy was still in trouble, Biden informed that only 6,000 private-sector jobs have been added in the last month. A total of 49,000 jobs were added at a time when more than 10 million people are out of work, he said.

Laying out his ‘American Rescue Plan’, the President explained that it will put $160 billion into our national COVID-19 strategy, which includes more money for manufacturing, distribution, and setting up of COVID-19 vaccine sites.

The American Rescue Plan will focus on $2,000 of stimulus payments, of which 600 has already gone out and $1,400 checks to people who need it, he said. “This is money directly in people’s pockets,” he said.

“It has money to help folks pay their health insurance. It has rental assistance to keep people in their homes rather than being thrown out in the street. It’s got money to help us open our schools safely. And there’s money for childcare, for paid leave. It gets needed resources to state and local governments to prevent layoffs of essential personnel, firefighters, nurses, folks who are school teachers, sanitation workers. It raises minimum wage,” he added.

Biden also mentioned increase in suicides, increasing mental health needs and violence against women and children, which necessitated the government to act fast while adding that he would like to do the same with the support of Republicans.