Avoid traveling abroad, wear masks in public: IMA issues advisory amid global COVID surge

There is no need to fear, according to the IMA, because the situation in India is not frightening. India reported 185 new Covid cases on Thursday.

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Thursday recommended people to immediately adopt suitable Covid behaviour in response to a rise in coronavirus incidence in several regions of the world, particularly China. The medical organisation advised against taking overseas flights and to cover up in all public settings.

The IMA stated that there was no need to fear because the situation in India was not frightening. “Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, all are advised to take following necessary steps to overcome the impending Covid outbreak,” the IMA said.


Covid-19 Advisory Issued By IMA

  1. Face masks are to be used in all public places.
  2. Social distancing is to be maintained.
  3. Regular hand washing with soap and water or sanitizers.
  4. Public gatherings like marriages, political or social meetings etc. to be avoided.
  5. Avoid international travel.
  6. Consult the doctor in case of any symptoms like fever, sore throat, cough, loose motions etc.
  7. Get your Covid vaccination, including precautionary dose at the earliest.
  8. Follow the government advisory issued from time to time.

The Indian Medical Association also requested that the government issue the necessary directives to the relevant Ministries and Departments to make available “emergency medicines, oxygen supply, and ambulance services” in order to increase readiness for any such situation as seen in 2021 during the deadly Covid second wave.

However, the medical organisation claimed that India was prepared to handle any situation since it has strong infrastructure in both the public and private sectors, committed medical personnel, and access to enough drugs and vaccinations.

The new concerns about Covid come after a surge in cases in China as a result of the recent relaxation of stringent lockdown regulations. China’s hospitals and healthcare facilities are overflowing with patients.

According to reports cited by the IMA, 5.37 lakh new cases of Covid were recorded in the past day from important nations like China, the USA, Japan, South Korea, France, and Brazil.

India has seen a continuous decrease in cases; in the week ending December 19, the average number of infections per day fell to 158. India reported 185 new instances of Covid on Thursday, including with one fatality. The quantity of open cases decreased to 3,402.

Two instances of the Omicron subvariant BF.7, the strain responsible for the recent spike in Covid cases in China, have been found in Gujarat and two cases in Odisha. Both of the patients in Gujarat, who had previously been abroad, have made a full recovery, according to PTI.

It is well known that the new Omicron subvariant BF.7 spreads quickly and has a shorter incubation period.