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Asia Pacific countries affected as Delta variant spreads in various countries

Many citizens in the Asia Pacific are facing various punishing lockdowns as the spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant is on the loose exposing the vulnerabilities despite the controlling of the coronavirus spread at the beginning of last year when the Pandemic was announced.

Vietnam, Thailand, and South Korea have recently announced strict social distancing measures, to avoid a rise in the case count.  The major issue is that the part Delta variant of this virus was originated in India and is highly transmissible. Lack of vaccine supply and sluggish vaccine program in the country has left millions of people still exposed to this vulnerable infection.

Researchers claim that only having 1 dose of the 2 dose vaccination is less effective against the spreading virus.

On Friday the authorities in Sydney announced a major jump in the cases count in the city and have tightened the restrictions since 26th June. The outbreak in Sydney began in the middle of June being the biggest city with an overseas driver from the aircrew which has now grown to approximately 400 plus cases. This sudden outbreak has also caused several Australians a major heartache forcing them to stay in limited space quarantine places instead of letting them go home.

Indonesia always had a respite ever since the pandemic had begun, but since the outbreak of the Delta variants of the virus hospitals have been overwhelmed and patients are desperate for oxygen supply.  On Thursday the country had reported a case count of 38,391 which was 6 times more than they had in the previous month.

In Tokyo, the Olympics have been delayed by more than 1 year due to the outbreak of the virus and the restrictions for international travel and safety concerns. Yoshihide Suga the Prime Minister of Japan said, “Taking into consideration the impact of the Delta strain, and in order to prevent the resurgence of infections from spreading across the country, we need to step up virus prevention measures.”