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Arvind Kejriwal: COVID-19 situation in Delhi is under control post lock down relaxations

On Monday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said the COVID-19 situation is under control, even after there was a slight rise in the cases. The digital conference was set up a week after several relaxations were given in the fourth phase of the lockdown.

During the briefing, Kejriwal said that he would be alarmed if two things would happen. First, if there is a surge in the death toll and Second if the city’s healthcare system fails in case more cases come forward. In addition, he stated that the AAP government is ready to deal with any situation resulting in more number of cases.


He conveyed that it is not concerning if people are contracting the disease, but are recovering within time. He said that the death toll has to be controlled and that Coronavirus is not going to vanish in just a few days.

“It has been one week since the lockdown started. After one week, I can say that the situation is under control and there is no need to panic,” Kejriwal said during the briefing.

While talking about the current situation in government hospitals, he revealed that there are around 3829 beds for COVID-19 patients. Moreover, 3164 of these beds have oxygen available. To clarify, there are around 4000 beds out of which 2500 are currently occupied. There are 250 ventilators available in state-run hospitals out of which only 11 are in use.

“In a week around 3,500 new patients were recognized out of which 2,500 have recovered. Today, out of the new cases only 250 patients have occupied beds in the hospitals,” Kejriwal added. Around 3000 patients are treated in their homes, whereas 2000 patients are in the hospitals.

He mentioned that they expected the cases to increase post the relaxation. In addition, a new system is underway that will allow patients to acquire beds in both private and state hospitals.

He told that out of 13,418 positive cases, 6540 people have recovered and 6617 are under treatment. Following, he said 261 people have died due to the virus.