Are people scared of using the COVID-19 vaccine?

As the world is still fighting COVID-19, some good news is coming in, Pfizer has made a vaccine which is 90% effective. Is the war against COVID-19 finally coming to an end or it is just false hope?

As per the economic forum report, there are many hurdles to overcome after we have found the COVID-19 vaccine and one of the first hurdles, we are not entirely sure that the vaccine is even 90% effective because the trials are still going on and there is definitely going to be changed in upcoming trial results as vaccines will be going to be used in thousands of people.


Also, we don’t know that till when the vaccine will remain effective or how long the immunity might last, it can be 3 months to several years.

Many vaccines developing companies like Pfizer and AstraZeneca are applying for emergency approval while the trials continue to monitor over a couple of months.

After the companies have received approval, there might be major logistical changes like the vaccine must be stored at a temperature of -70 degrees Celsius, which is going to be challenging for even the most advanced hospitals. The need for an ultra-cold supply will be challenged in hotter regions and under-developed countries with poor health infrastructure. In parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, only 28% of health center have access to electricity. Pfizer says it’s working on a plan to use dry ice.

Public hesitancy will also be a challenge for global vaccination efforts as:

  • 1 of 4 people say that they will not take the COVID-19 vaccine
  • More than half of this group are worried about potential side-effects.
  • 29% doubt vaccine effectiveness
  • 19% say the disease isn’t enough of risk to warrant an inoculation.

Still, the news of the vaccine means we have a shot at the ending of a pandemic.

How soon do you think you will have access to the vaccine?