Ajit Pawar: Masks may become mandatory in Maharashtra amid rising cases

Wearing masks might become mandatory in Maharashtra as suggested by growing speculations. However, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar warned of the same.

With a recent spike in cases and India recording a total of 3,962 cases on Saturday, the Union Health Ministry has issued alerts to five states including Maharashtra. 

In this context, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar confirmed that the state government might have to bring the rule of mandatory wearing of masks in public places if the rise in cases continues. 


Maharashtra had recorded a total of 1,081 fresh cases. Which was the highest tally since February 24. Moreover, this took the overall rise to 78,88,167 and the toll was around 1,47,860. The state had recorded a daily rise of 711 cases on May 31st. 

The figures have seen an escalating rise amid the increasing cases of the Monkeypox virus. The Maharashtra government has already started taking appropriate measures. Such as the quick vaccination of children within the age groups of 15-17. While it has been assured that a new COVID-19 wave is highly unlikely to approach. Experts have best advised to follow health and safety protocols.

According to the report released by the Union Health Ministry, it has informed the states for collecting samples for genome sequencing to detect alteration in the COVID-19 strands. 

As the cases are rising with June 3rd recording a total rise of 4,041 cases. Further updates are still awaited by the state government.