Adobe issues order for its US workforce to get the COVID-19 vaccine by December 8

As per the warning issued by Adobe, those who fail to meet the deadline by December 8 will be put on indefinite unpaid leave. 

Software manufacturer Adobe Inc. issued a warning to all its US-based employees that they must be inoculated against COVID-19 before December 8. The mandate has been put in place to abide by the orders issued by the Biden Administration that requires federal contractors to have all of their employed staff fully vaccinated by December. 

As per the warning issued by the company, those who fail to meet the deadline by December 8 will be put on indefinite unpaid leave. 


The warning was sent through an email to all employees of the company by Adobe’s Chief People Officer Gloria Chen and also disclosed that 93.5 per cent of the total US employees who had responded to an internal company survey have already been confirmed as fully vaccinated or going through their series of vaccines.

In a statement released thereafter, the Software maker assured that 94 per cent of its US workforce is vaccinated or is on course to get fully vaccinated. However, the California-based company affirmed that it will consider an exemption for those who are unable to get vaccinated due to religious and medical reasons and will contemplate their request for accommodation.

The Biden government has been implementing strict policies to get the country immunised against COVID-19 as part of its rapid vaccination drive. It is also drafting separate regulations for enterprises with 100 or more employees, mandating them to require proof of vaccine from all the staff members or test the unvaccinated staff at least once a week to provide a negative COVID-19 test result. 

US-based Computer hardware company IBM also issued a similar notice to its employees earlier this month, stating that they would either have to be vaccinated or go on unpaid leave due to Biden’s executive order.