‘Act 2 “Butter” popcorn contains NO BUTTER’ Foodpharmer exposes “Shocking Truth”

Foodpharmer a.k.a Revant Himatsingka, an entrepreneur, author, and social media influencer, has sparked a buzz with a revealing social media video titled “Shocking truth of Act 2 popcorn (and 3 alternatives).” In the video, Foodpharmer asserts that Act 2 Butter Lovers popcorn does not contain real butter, shedding light on a surprising reality behind the popular snack.


According to Foodpharmer’s tweet, the packaging of Act 2 “Butter” popcorn clearly indicates “butter flavor” rather than real butter, highlighting the use of artificial butter flavoring. The disclosure brings attention to the composition of Act 2 Butter Delite popcorn, revealing that approximately 60% is corn, while the remaining 40% consists mostly of palm oil.

Despite being an American company, Foodpharmer challenges the assumption of quality associated with international brands. The revelation leads Foodpharmer to recommend three cleaner Indian popcorn alternatives, emphasizing the need for consumer awareness in the food industry.

In a broader context, Foodpharmer’s message addresses the perceived misleading nature of numerous everyday food products, urging consumers to read food labels diligently to avoid deception. The call to action encourages individuals to make informed choices and prioritize cleaner food options for their well-being.