5 foods to eat when your stomach is upset

A healthy digestive system is linked to good health, or one might even say that having a healthy digestive system is the key to overall well-being. The digestive system takes important nutrients from meals and transports them throughout the body. This benefits several regions of the body. On the other hand, if the digestive system is not healthy, many stomach-related disorders such as stomach pain, bloating, acidity, nausea, constipation, gas and heartburn occur, making it difficult for the individual to get up and sit. In such cases, several foods can aid in improving stomach health and digestion.

Here are 5 foods to eat when your stomach is upset



Ginger may be used in the diet to help maintain the stomach healthy. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory qualities and helps to prevent inflammation and infections. Eating it relieves stomach discomfort and acidity while also improving digestion.


Kiwi is high in vitamin C and helps to prevent digestive problems. Kiwi also includes a lot of fiber, which makes it useful for constipation. Kiwi consumption promotes intestinal health.


Yogurt may be included in your diet to promote digestive health. Yogurt’s probiotic qualities promote optimal intestinal health. Aside from that, yoghurt cleanses the digestive tract and improves digestion.


If turmeric, which has medicinal features, is included in the diet, it gives anti-inflammatory effects to the body, keeping the stomach healthy. Turmeric is beneficial to both the body as a whole and the healthy gut bacteria.


Apples contain a significant quantity of soluble fiber pectin. It improves digestion and reduces constipation. Apples increase stool weight, thus persons who have been constipated for a long period need to consume this fruit.


Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice.