Top 10 EV charging station manufacturers in the world

Electric vehicles are here to shape the future of transportation as we know it, and leading this boost are the companies whose operations recharge the EVs with power all around the globe.

Below are the 10 giants shaping up the EV charging:


  1. bp pulse: bp pulse transformation creates a new bp with a solid net-zero target by the year 2050 with its operations on charge points and subscriptions in the UK.
  2. Compleo Charging Solutions: With its operations in Germany, Compleo presents to the market battery solutions with a wide range form AC and DC charging solutions for commercial, residential and public usage scenarios together with software alongside them to manage the networks efficiently.
  3. Blink Charging: Blink Charging has more than 78,000 charging ports all around the globe from its diverse smart Level-2 and DC charging networks serving the Americas, Europe and the Middle East as well.
  4. ADS-TEC Energy: Since its foundation in 2010, ADS-TEC has been operating on battery storage with innovative software for high performance for over 10 years in case to boost the quality of charging provided by EV charging networks.
  5. Wallbox: Wallbox charging systems unite technology with design for a better charging system for electric vehicles, managing the vehicle-grid building-charger communication. Wallbox has sold more than 370,000 chargers all around the world.
  6. Allego: Having been a part of Alliander, an electricity grid operator, Allego, currently, provides smart charging in many parts of Europe with their EV-Cloud platform, having more than 34,000 charge points.
  7. NaaS Technology: Based in China, NaaS provides online and offline charging solutions intended for faster charging for EVs and better convenience, serving various industry partners for higher operational efficiency.
  8. EVgo: The company with a decade of operation provides and operating US’s one of the largest public DC fast charging networks, with close to 140 million Americans a charger EVgo.
  9. ChargePoint: ChargePoint has provided a unified solution since 2007 for hardware, cloud services and operational support all in one alongside having more than 188 million charges that have been performed.
  10. Tesla: Leading the way with a high-speed charging network of over 50,000 Superchargers all around the world, designed for the greatest longitudinal range and the newest as much as over 200 miles of range for a 15-minute charge.