Gujarat’s Starlite Power Commission 400kV transmission line

Around 1,000 MW of renewable energy will be transported to the national grid via the high voltage transmission line from the pooling station at Bhuj in northern Gujarat.

Gujarat’s 400kV Banaskantha, Kansari, and Vadavi transmission line has now been operational for four months ahead of schedule thanks to Sterlite Power’s Mumbai Urja Marg Transmission Limited (MUML).

From the pooling station in Bhuj in northern Gujarat to the national grid, approximately 1,000 MW of renewable energy will be transported with the use of the high voltage transmission line. According to a statement from Sterlite Electricity, it will increase the state’s available power transmission capacity dramatically, increasing it from 9300 MW to 11200 MW.


This vital transmission line, which is a part of the larger Western Region Strengthening Scheme-XIX (WRSS-XIX) and North-Eastern Region Strengthening Scheme-IX (NERSS-IX), will also relieve strain on the regional network by relieving the 400kV D/C Banaskantha-Veloda, 400kV S/C Bhinmal-Zerda (Kansari), and 400kV S/C Kankrol (Kansari).

“We are happy to demonstrate our project execution capabilities by ensuring timely execution of this critical transmission line for the state of Gujarat. The transmission corridors are critical infrastructure for the nation given their importance in connecting the power surplus centres with the power deficit corners. Not only this, but success of transmission projects is also imperative to India’s RE vision as it is a critical enabler of RE integration into the grid,” said Manish Agarwal, director & CEO, India Transmission Business, Sterlite Power.

The MUML SPV was purchased by Sterlite Power in June 2020 to carry out this significant interstate transmission system project. Power Finance Corporation is responsible for all Rs 2,070 crore of the project’s debt financing.