With NG-NeXT Tech’s hiring solutions SelectRight.ai, eliminate the risk of hiring fraudulent candidates

Time is money, and many recruiters find themselves at their wits’ ends with an ever-increasing need for identifying, attracting, testing and retaining the right talent. The difference between the right hire and a fake one can be the seemingly “thin” line of demarcation that sets your business apart from making it to the zenith of success and staying in the testing phases. One has to choose the best talent, period. To realize the very same goals, NG-NeXT Tech brings to the fore a repertoire of thoughtfully engineered, AI-based SAAS solutions, ngnexttext.com and selectright.ai, which, when used together, help segregate the creamy layer of potential hires from the unpromising ones without missing out on a single prospective hire, You save 80% of your time with the help of this efficient hiring tool that can be put to better use in empowering other areas of your business. 

Building a successful business comes with the challenge of finding the right fit candidates, which is a task akin to looking for a needle in a haystack! With the increased propensity of candidates resorting to unfair means such as providing exaggerated work experience, fake degrees, or inaccurate references in resumes or during interviews, it can be a harrowing experience to choose the right candidate from a sea of not-so-competent ones. When you join ranks with selectright.ai, you witness a seamless, end-to-end solution for effective hiring that cuts costs by 90% per candidate and 80% of your precious time!  The global average cost per hire comes to a mindboggling USD 3000, which witnesses a reduction of 90% with the revolutionary AI-based hiring software. 


Let’s see how flawlessly the process works to bring you nothing but the best hires! Job alerts are posted on multiple job boards via selectright.ai; the inbuilt ATS aggregates applicants’ resumes from multiple sources. The AI then runs an automated review of the CVs and conducts candidates’ fitment analysis based on a set of pre-determined characteristics. New-age assessment tools customized using ngnexttest.com help conduct proctored skill assessment and HR screening of prospective candidates. This smart addition eliminates any instance of resorting to unfair means by the candidate, such as tab-switching and copy-pasting information. Once the right fits have been identified, only the best are called for an interview, leading to the ultimate selection of the best fit for your team. 

When asked about the USP of their product, the founder Mr Nishant Gauraw was quick to point out the blind spot that their product was fulfilling in the existing market of similar software, “While there are many platforms available in the market that offers integrated assessment and hiring solutions, selectright.ai provides a single window AI-enabled automated solution that takes care of the entire process right from posting the job till the final interview round. The best part is that you do not miss screening a single candidate and eliminate any chance of fake hiring with our unmatchable proctoring system.”

NG-NeXT Tech was conceived by the power couple Mr Nishant Gauraw,  a seasoned financial advisor with an experience 18+ years of in trading and investing and his equally talented wife, Mrs Anuranjana Verma, who looks after the accounts of the venture. The former’s brother, Mr Parijat Verma, also supports them in their entrepreneurial venture. Compelled by their collective vision to enable effective and cost-efficient business processes, they are on a quest to deliver nonpareil tech solutions that overdeliver every time.