UGC vs State: 'Justice delayed is justice denied'; Supreme Court shall hear next on Aug 18 | Business Upturn

UGC vs State: ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’; Supreme Court shall hear next on Aug 18

It seems true that once in court, things will drag, delay, and probably get denied or diluted. Many believe that it is unjust to drag this phase as students continue in dilemma. The students are upset as the uncertainty still prevails. Supreme Court heard the listed case and later adjourned the matter for the day. The next hearing is announced and scheduled on Tuesday, August 18.

In the last hearing on August 10, the Supreme Court had given UGC time to file its response to the affidavits filed by Maharashtra and Delhi. In response, the UGC has now opposed the stance taken by the governments of Maharashtra and Delhi. The apex court in today’s session sought justification by UGC on its decision to hold final year/semester examinations in September. UGC mentioned of putting forth the decision in consideration of all precautionary norms.

Nobody is against the exams at regular times. But it is indeed questionable during the pandemic as cases don’t seem to settle. We hope that the final decision comes to light soon.