UGC gives a nod to pursuing dual degrees simultaneously in India

Students in India will now be allowed to pursue two degrees simultaneously as UGC has approved a proposal for the same, reported news agency PTI. According to the PTI report, one of the two degrees will have to be pursued through regular mode and the other has to be through online distance learning (ODL). An official notice for the same is awaited.

“The proposal was approved in the recent commission meeting for simultaneous dual degrees for students in India, allowing students to complete courses in the same or different streams at the same time. One of the two degrees, however, has to be through regular mode and the other has to be through online distance learning,” UGC Secretary Rajnish Jain said, as quoted by news agency PTI.


For a long time, pursuing two degree courses at the same time was not allowed. It was said that this led to logistical, administrative, and academic difficulties. UGC set up a committee headed by its Vice Chairman Bhushan Patwardhan to look into ways of setting up a system to introduce dual degrees from the same or different universities through either distance, online or part-time mode.

A similar committee was set up in 2012 with Furqan Qamar, Vice-Chancellor of the Hyderabad University as his head. “The commission had then sought comments of the statutory councils on the committee’s report and the responses received did not endorse the idea of allowing students to pursue multiple degree programmes simultaneously. Hence the plan did not take off,” said UGC officials, as reported by PTI.