Spardha Redefining What it Means to Learn Music & Dance Online: Learn, Perform and Excel

We all wish to engage in hobbies, play music, dance, and have a well-rounded personality. But most of us couldn’t make that dream come true due to not finding a good teacher, fear of being judged, lack of time and resources, etc. The time has come to leave all these challenges behind because Spardha School of Music & Dance has the solution for this!

Spardha School of Music and Dance offers online music classes that break down traditional barriers, introducing a new way to learn music & dance. With live 1:1 personalised online music classes, students get 100% attention to grow and flourish. Spardha is making learning fun, engaging, and effective with interactive courses, exceptional instructors, and a supporting community!


Learn without Limitations At Spardha

You can forget commuting across the town or getting into a crowded studio to learn. With Spardha’s online classes, you no longer have to take extra time for commute and traffic to go to your music or dance class. You can learn from your own home in an online class with an adaptive model that prioritizes your pace and interests. With an expertly designed proprietary curriculum with enough spaces for personalisation, students build a strong foundation while having loads of fun.

With Spardha, you can:

Learn Music and Dance Virtually: Spardha offers flexible scheduling through its online platform that helps you fit your music and dance classes easily into your schedule (no matter how busy it is). So, dance to your favourite Bollywood songs, learn Bharatanatyam, or take a piano course during your free time – your preferences will select your course of action!

Explore New Genres and Styles: Spardha offers diverse courses for both music and dance. Whether you want to sing, play an instrument or learn to dance – you’ll find a course you like on their platform.  Learn music and dance from the best teachers, either acoustic guitar and piano classes online or Bollywood dance and Bharatanatyam.

Find the Perfect Mentor: The Spardha team boasts of certified music experts who go through rigorous training in teaching before they start teaching on the platform. So, the students get guidance from certified, professional and friendly dance and music teachers who offer support at every step.

Key Features of Spardha

Spardha School of Music and Dance is unlike other programs due to its dedication to providing excellence and innovation. They have established a new approach that redefines traditional learning methods and provides students with an innovative and adaptive platform.

  • An online learning platform suitable for both teachers and students.
  • A proprietary curriculum designed by experts for students to help them build a firm foundation.
  • The extensive catalogue covers a range of musical instruments, such as piano lessons, guitar lessons, violin and flute classes and dance styles.
  • Anyone who is interested in music and dance or someone looking to refine their art can join the program.
  • Live personalised sessions for students with flexible schedules to help them progress at their own pace.

A Journey of Self-Discovery with Spardha

Discovering yourself has become the easiest with Spardha’s Program. Learn the skill to express, relieve stress, and boost confidence. Spardha’s online classes platform fosters a supportive environment where you can:

  • Discover your Hidden Talent: For the people who have always been fond of playing the piano, singing songs, or dancing to Hindi songs, but couldn’t pursue or accomplish their passion; Spardha provides a safe space to explore and learn with online music lessons and dance classes to let you discover your hidden talents.
  • Boost Confidence: One can easily witness the progress via courses and regular feedback checks from teachers while gaining a new sense of confidence and achievement within the program. This could be a step to grow your talent with the help of professional teachers and their expertise in the field.
  • Grow with Spardha’s Program: Spardha has major tie-ups with leading international certification boards for music and dance. So, you can also get certified by the leading music and dance boards across the world.
    • Rockschool, London
    • Trinity, London
    • ABRSM, London
    • Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing
    • Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Certification

This is the best opportunity knocking at your door to recognise your talent, learn a new skill and enhance the learning experience with Spardha.

Connect with Like-Minded People:  You can build connections, expand your social circle and participate in online competitions with other students. Sharing dreams for music and dance within the community and creating a visionary network of friends with the same dreams.

Teaching Beyond the Limitations of Traditional Learning:

  • The old-fashioned ways of education have some problems, such as rigidly scheduled timetables, limitation of location, and the pressure of keeping up with the pace of others.
  • Spardha shatters all these conventional limitations and offers flexible online music classes with live 1:1 sessions as per student needs and goals.
  • Get access to free music tools for practice sessions even after the class.
  • Spardha Buddy is an AI Companion for students to write lyrics, compose music, and ask music or dance-related queries.

Learn Singing & Dancing with Creativity from Spardha

With an adaptive learning model for students, beginners, or seasoned musicians/dancers looking to refine their skills., you can learn at your own pace and experience the joy of music and dance from your own home.

You can book a free trial and experience the platform first-hand to discover the benefits with numerous possibilities at Spardha. The Spardha community welcomes you with an open heart!