Safety conscious schools: What are the top strategies?

The ongoing topic of how to keep schools safe for pupils and staff is one that needs discussing. The fact is, with mass shootings, hazing, and increasing statistics around weapon carrying and violence, there is a lot to digest. Therefore, embracing some of the top strategies going is always going to be seen as a strength, and here’s what you need to know.

Education and Training


The school environment is the ideal place for information sharing, and there is no greater strategy than educating everyone inside the building about the common dangers they may face. Schools are supposed to be a place for learning, where pupils can go about their day and digest what they need to make important decisions about their future. A big part of this conversation can center around how to behave, ways to treat people, and how to spot warning signs that require action. The same is true of staff members, who will be required to take the lead in a high-pressure situation at any moment.

Embrace Innovation

It is hard to escape the impact that technology has had on the school arena. Tech is everywhere and it is for this reason that leaning on the latest and greatest innovations is not just smart, but necessary. The best example to note are apps that support the whole building to communicate and flag an alert if something is amiss through handy features like an emergency call button. This allows everyone to stay in touch in real time and understand the situation up to the present moment. During intense situations like potential active shooters on site, this is invaluable and serves to save lives and protect the innocents.

Individual Strategies

There is always a portion of students in each academic setting who require a higher level of input than others. This is not to say they are a danger, but more that those with extreme behavioral profiles could be the biggest perpetrators of violent behavior towards their fellow classmates. This could be anything from persistent bullying to full-blown assaults, and all of these take place on school grounds. Individual strategies cater to individual learners to empower them towards safer choices and more appropriate conduct. It is vital that no young person gets lost in the system because everyone deserves a chance and input.

Continuous Monitoring

Schools can only stay safe if the policies are kept under constant review. These safeguarding procedures must be up to date with the most relevant press and have an understanding of the current dangers. This means an active approach to monitoring news and educational research is non-negotiable when it comes to student and staff safety. This level of monitoring will enhance any in-house strategy by an infinite amount and ensure that nothing is ever left to chance.

Safety conscious schools focus on not just behavior, but learner profiles and social factors too. There is a real call for educational establishments to up their game in terms of how they approach security measures and inter-peer harassment. It is not just the case that things can slip under the radar anymore; there must be constant accountability and an entirely flexible approach.