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Periodic Table and lessons on Democracy from Class X NCERT books removed

School will no longer be able to study critical scientific topics such as evolution, the periodic table of elements, sources of energy, and environmental sustainability. These changes, affecting approximately 134 million students aged 11-18, have caused outrage among researchers and educators.

UK-based forensic anthropology expert Dr Namrata Datta commented on the same and said that India will be forced into dark ages if it does not act now. Dr Datta said in a lengthy tweet: “School children in India will no longer be taught about evolution, the periodic table of elements, sustainability, pollution or energy sources such as fossil fuels and renewables.” Not only this, the NCERT also omitted out references to Khalistan in the latest version of the Class 12 political science textbook. The development came after the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) wrote to the education ministry. From the line “The resolution was a plea for strengthening federalism, but it would also be interrupted as a plea for a Sikh”, the part “interpreted as a plea for a separate Sikh nation” has been omitted. However, the permanent removal of these scientific topics has raised concerns among scientists and teachers. The periodic table forms the foundation of chemistry education, providing a systematic understanding of elements and their properties. Its exclusion from the Class 10 syllabus can hinder students’ grasp of essential chemical principles.

Similarly, Darwin’s theory of evolution is a fundamental concept in biology, enabling students to understand the interconnectedness and diversity of life forms on Earth. Removing this chapter may hamper their ability to comprehend the complex mechanisms that shape the natural world.