OUS Academy in Switzerland receives the Award of Ukrainian Ministry of Education & Science for Students Satisfaction

On a grand occasion befitting the commitment to academic brilliance and student success, OUS Academy in Switzerland has added one more prestigious accolade to their name with the esteemed Students Satisfaction Award by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education & Science. This esteemed accolade, appraised by the reputed V.I. Vernadsky Taurida National University (TNU) in Kyiv, clearly testifies that OUS Academy operates with commitment and does not make any compromise when it comes to providing its students with a quality educational experience.

Founded in 1918, V.I. Vernadsky TNU, now located in Kyiv following the annexation of Crimea, offers an impressive, reputed level of scientific and educational knowledge and faculty. It comes with its strict process of evaluation of who should get accreditation for their educational programs, and some of these are made by some of the most respected names in the world of academia and professionals. The university boasts 16 departments and 20 academic institutes, standing as a beacon of higher education in Europe.


The Students Satisfaction Award further strengthens OUS Academy’s commitment to student-based education, showing its attitude to excellence in all areas of operation. It could be said to serve as proof of the positive feedback and a high level of satisfaction of students who benefited from the unique programs of OUS Academy and its personalized support services.

OUS Academy is very proud to be recognized by Corporate Vision Magazine for this award, which has identified the continued work of OUS Academy in building an enabling learning environment where students can reach their dreams in academics and careers. The faculty and staff of the institution are committed to ensuring that the students who form the talent of tomorrow in a globally competitive environment receive the right knowledge, skills, and resources.

The recognition “Student’s Satisfaction” supports that the OUS Academy always strives to follow quality standards and aims at the success of its students. It clearly says the repute of the institution as one of the leading service providers in higher education and dedication to excellent educational service delivery.

The OUS Academy will surely keep working, without stopping, on improving the programs and service delivery for these great honors, raising them to the needs of the students. It is, therefore, their promise that after conducting teaching and learning, the student would leave the gates deserving, fully satisfied, and successful people who go into the world as confident, competent, and empowered persons who bring positive impacts for all.

In conclusion, OUS Academy expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the Ministry of Education & Science of Ukraine and V.I. Vernadsky Taurida National University for their grant of the Student Satisfaction Award. In recognition of this designation, it nods in the direction that OUS Academy is an institution committed to the provision of excellence in education and dedicated to providing an empowered experience for their students that helps them pave their road to success in the 21st century.