Impact of Coronavirus on kids education

The Coronavirus of the SARS family has compelled government bodies of every state and every country to pull down the shutters of schools and colleges, where universities are not an exception. The deadly effects of the novel Corona Virus have hit hard on the global economy straight on the face. The so-far declared 21 days of complete lockdown in India and other neighboring countries had impacted the entire picture of our society. Amidst the loss of crores of capital and economy, what we are overlooking is the extraordinary ripple impact of this Pandemic on the education system, including kids and senior students. Where business analysts and government leaders are yelling on the massive damage, the kids’ education system is shrilling within everything. Although this shutdown of educational institutes has aimed at refraining from the further spread of this highly contagious disease, recovering from this substantial scar in the entire education system is a threat to the right to education.

How are the kids handling the severe effects of Coronavirus?


Schools and colleges have closed their doors for an extended period to fight the outbreak. As informed by different news channels, there has been a complete shutdown of all schools, colleges, and universities in over more than 22 countries so far. This, amidst a normal flow, has disrupted the entire education strategy. The initial closure was scheduled for about two weeks, though the recent picture suggests that this date might get extended until there is no risk of further spread of this virus, as indicated by different news channels.

This lockdown has undoubtedly disrupted the education system of kids and students of all ages. In this particular time of the year, schools and colleges conduct internal assessments, yearly exams, which have all been postponed due to this Pandemic. Not only this, but the board examinations of different councils like State Board of Higher Education, Central Board of Secondary Education and the Indian Certificate of secondary education examinations, all have been stalled till unknown period.

From a kid’s perspective, this is a significant negative impact on their entire educational career, putting all their efforts and hard work into drains. This effect of sudden closures of schools and colleges have not only impacted students worldwide but also the teachers and education professionals in an equal ratio. Kids who are stuck in their homes are facing immense pressure to deal with this complete isolation. They are feeling alienated from their world of fun, laughter, and entertainment. They have been pushed into the grave seriousness of this outbreak amidst elders. The negative impact on the kids’ educational platforms is enormous and cannot be looked over. Examinations have been delayed for all the kids. The excitement to reach a new class with a bunch of fresh-smelling new books is way too far for them, it seems. Its a continually growing concern for parents because there will be an unexplained void in the career graph of kids due to this sudden knockdown of the globe. Students are waiting to get promoted to their next standards, all prepared for their annual assessments, but kids of this age are too small to understand the severity of the situation. They are clueless about what is happening around the world. This has not only challenged the potentiality of the students but has also put in front a bizarre of dilemma, under confidence, and discouragement. Students, locked in homes with their books, are suffering from notable depression and anxiety, losing hope on future expectations from life.

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article is author’s view point.