How to celebrate the grad in your life

If someone in your life is graduating high school, trade school, or college, it’s an extraordinary occasion for them. They spent years trudging through studies, tests, and homework—finally, all of their hard work has paid off.

They’re proud, you’re proud, and everyone wants to make sure it is celebrated appropriately. While you may not be able to vacation for a week at one of the most expensive hotels in India, we wanted to help you with a few ideas on how you can celebrate the grad in your life.


Start the Day Off Special

If you live together, serve the grad breakfast in bed. If not, have a special meal delivered first thing in the morning. It’s also a great idea to have some graduation flowers delivered. You can add a special personal touch by topping it all off with a homemade celebratory cake.

Better Than Money

Chances are, they’ll receive a bit of cash and gift cards from various friends and family members. While those are almost always welcome gifts, there are two things you can give them that are as good as cash. Instead, you can help them start investing in gold and give them a small bar or two.

Party Hard… or Not

Reserving an entire reception hall and decorating it yourself is a popular choice for graduation celebrations. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an extravagant affair to make it memorable.

A small, intimate brunch at home or a backyard BBQ with close family, friends, and the people they’ve known for years can be perfect.

If you want to take the party outside the home but don’t want to spend a lot of money, get a custom graduation standee and a few decorations for the tables, reserve a section at a nice local restaurant, and invite everyone for a great night out.

A Night on the Town

Just about everyone enjoys music. Whether they like BTS or Coldplay, Metallica or George Strait, take them to a concert. If their choice of music isn’t quite to your taste or they’d enjoy the event more with a close friend or significant other, get them a pair of tickets to see their favorite artist.

If you coordinate with other friends and relatives, you may be able to pool resources and get them gift cards for dinner, drinks, and dessert, a hotel near the venue, and either a limo or ride-share to and from the concert.

Additionally, you can start their day off with a spa day so that they can get pampered for an hour or so before heading out for their night of fun.

Really Make the Event Special

For those of you that can, a summer graduation trip will give them memories that last a lifetime. Whether just the immediate family heads to the coast for a week or you pay for their dream trip to Europe, trips are a classic way to celebrate a graduation.

Another popular way to congratulate them is with a new car or truck. Acknowledging their hard work and accomplishments with an automobile, whether you let them choose it or you completely surprise them before the ceremony, is a gift they can use every day and will likely last them for years to come.

Graduation celebrations should stand distinctly apart from other party occasions. Make a budget, take plenty of time to plan and coordinate, order necessary supplies and gifts well in advance.

With the tips above and your own creativity, you can go all out for the occasion without having to spend a lot.