Female applicants outnumber males in West Bengal’s undergraduate admission portal

In a significant trend, female candidates have outnumbered males in applications to West Bengal’s central undergraduate courses admission portal, a higher education department official announced on Monday.

The portal, which opened on June 24 for admission to 461 colleges and 16 universities, closed on July 6 at midnight. This year marked the first time the higher education department launched such a portal.


Out of 527,673 validated applications, 299,800 were from women. Additionally, there were 50 applicants from the ‘others’ category, referring to the LGBTQ+ community. A total of 3,464,918 applications were filed, with 98,089 coming from outside Bengal.

Lady Brabourne College Principal Siuli Sarkar welcomed the trend, noting that more girls are opting for higher education. She pointed out that while traditional mindsets often steer boys towards technical disciplines, girls are increasingly challenging these norms and excelling in general streams.

Sarkar also mentioned that around 15,000 girls have applied for undergraduate courses at Lady Brabourne College across various streams.