“Centre should make SSC a constitutional body like UPSC”, says Varun Awasthi

Students have shaken Twitter after the confusion and shock SSC gave to students after publishing the results of SSC CGL tier 2, in which it is being said that those students who got 200/200 couldn’t make it to the third tier because of unfair “normalization.”

The normalization, which was implemented to reduce the unfairness of the system, is now becoming the headache of the students. People are demanding that how can you “normalize” marks of a student who got 200/200? Normalization is an important issue, but it isn’t the only issue.


Our team reached out to Mr Varun Awasthi, an extremely popular educator in SSC among the aspirants, and we tried to understand what the whole unrest is about?

When we asked why students suddenly started protesting out of nowhere, his reply was that it isn’t a case of one day. We protested six months back also; last year too we were on the streets! A student who prepares three years for a single exam, and when he gives the exam and scores 200/200 and still doesn’t get selected, who do you think is to be blamed?

“It was not that students didn’t prepare well, their only fault was that their paper was way too easy which was later had to normalize. But how can you say that the person, who has got 200/200, wouldn’t perform well if the paper was hard? This is painfully unjust, and we should think about it,” Varun said.

When asked that if the issue of normalization was new, he said that people have raised it from time to time. It is to be informed that Varun Awasthi had led the campaign last year on the same issue and at a point in time it became politically incorrect due to the wrong choice of words from the educator.

“What’s the major problem with SSC?”

“Look the problem isn’t only the normalization. Students have to wait at least three years to know the result of a single examination, which too, comes with lots of faults and so few vacancies. We are living in such a country where the world’s largest election takes place and the result is declared within a month, but can’t publish a result of the clerical exam in three years.”

“If it was the case of the process being more complicated then I must ask how come UPSC, who conducts the exam on an offline basis, can release the result within a year? Do you know why? Because UPSC is a constitutional body, and I demand the same to happen with SSC.”

When we asked about his views on the Twitter campaign which is now trending for three days, he replied that he honestly doesn’t believe students would get benefit from this campaign.

“See the case isn’t that the Twitter campaign is wrong, the motive behind t is very legitimate and I support it too, but the problem with these Twitter campaigns is that at some point, they all turn politically incorrect.”

“What we can do in place of students asking PM for jobs, they can ask PM for reform in government examinations. The reform is a must and wouldn’t happen until demanding. Instead of Twitter Campaign, I’d suggest that all educators come together and by proper channels, we must demand a committee under the supervision of the Supreme Court which should look into the case and discuss if SSC can be made a constitutional body,” Varun Awasthi said this while concluding.