5 Tips to hiring recent college graduates

If you are looking to build your team, hiring recent college graduates is a great place to start. They are fresh off of an education, eager to do something new, and wanting to make their mark in the business world. That means it is the perfect time to recruit them for your business and to get them started on a solid career path. But hiring recent college graduates isn’t always a cookie cutter process. That’s why we have gathered a concise list to help you along your hiring journey.

Check their resumes thoroughly


When reading through a recent graduate’s resume, it is normally safe to assume that they are being truthful, especially since they most likely had to participate in a resume writing class before graduation. Still, it might be a good idea to perform an educational background check, just to check and make sure they are being 100% truthful about their past education.

If they are being truthful, that will prove that they are honest and would be a great asset to your team. If they aren’t, then you will be able to save yourself and your business from making a costly mistake in hiring them.

Don’t be afraid to take a risk

It is always a risky move to add to your team, and it is sometimes viewed as an even bigger risk to hire someone right out of college. But when you are in the business of growing your company, you will have no choice but to be willing to take a risk here and there, and we think hiring recent college graduates is a risk worthy of being taken. After all, sometimes taking a risk is worth the reward.

Allow them to shine

Let’s face it: as much as we would love to claim that we are well-versed in social media trends and can gain a large social media following overnight, younger people are definitely more in touch with that realm of the world. So, let them take over roles that call for this type of knowledge, and let them shine with it.

They know the trendiest gear to use to shoot pictures and videos, and they know what is popular in the world today. Let them put their skills to use and you will see how fruitful it can be.

Take good care of them

It is no secret that younger generations will work hard, but they expect to be taken proper care of. Whether it is something small like wanting more comfortable chairs to work in or a faster tablet to work on, or something larger like getting paid properly or fighting for benefits, you need to be ready to grow and adapt your business for the new generation of workers.

Younger generations are also more in tune with their mental health, how they can best manage stress, and how they can try to keep their mental health intact. So, though you should already be taking issues like this into consideration, you particularly want to focus on it when hiring directly from the college grad pool.

Strive for inclusivity

When you are hiring, you want to be sure you are looking for candidates that will make a good addition to your team, and you should be striving for candidates who will be inclusive with the current and future employees. Striving for inclusivity is a surefire way to ensure your company is always working toward greatness, and recent college graduates can help you do just that.

If you were feeling on the fence about hiring recent college grads, we hope that a few of these tips help you to make the jump toward expanding your business and letting it excel with a new hiring pool.