We deeply regret the accidental firing of missile in Pakistan’s airspace: Defence Ministry

Pakistan summoned the embassy in charge of India and lodged a strong protest for the alleged unprovoked violation of the airspace

India on Thursday authorized a high-level investigation into the accidental firing of missile that took place on March 9 at an area in Pakistan.

The step came after the Defense Ministry has given its official response on the missile landing in Pakistan. It was asserted by the Ministry of Defense that due to a technical fault during routine repair work on 9 March 2022, this missile was accidentally fired. “This accident has happened due to technical fault and it has deeply regretted the incident.”


Defense Ministry said it is believed that the missile fell in the territory of Pakistan. Although it is very regrettable, but it is a matter of relief that there has been no loss of life or property.

However, Pakistan had summoned the embassy in charge of India in this matter and lodged a strong protest for unprovoked violation of airspace by ‘flying Indian supersonic object’. Along with this, a detailed and transparent investigation of the incident was demanded. Pakistan’s Foreign Office said the Indian diplomat has been informed about the alleged violation of airspace through a ‘flying Indian supersonic object’.

This object had entered Pakistan from Suratgarh in India at 6.43 pm on March 9. The missile hit the ground in Pakistan’s Mian Chunnu town of Punjab province at 6.50 pm on the same day, causing damage to civilian property.

The Foreign Office said the Indian diplomat was informed that the indiscriminate release of this flying object not only caused damage to civilian property but also posed a threat to human life. He said that it also threatened several domestic/ international flights in Pakistan’s airspace and could have led to a serious plane crash. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi also expressed concern over the incident.

Qureshi alleged that India put the lives of innocent people in danger by violating Pakistan’s airspace. This could have affected domestic flights along with Saudi and Qatar airline flights. Pakistan said that after India’s clarification, it will decide the next step. Envoys of P-5 countries (China, France, Russia, Britain and America) will be called to the State Department and informed about the incident.