Odisha takes flight into Aerospace and Defence manufacturing with ₹26,000 crore investment

With ₹26,000 crore invested, Odisha begins a military and aerospace manufacturing venture under the leadership of Kalyani Steel Limited. The Gajamara project offers 12,000 jobs, skill development, and titanium production leadership worldwide.

Odisha is about to embark on a momentous journey into the aerospace and military manufacturing sector after the state cabinet accepts a ground-breaking plan. Chief Secretary Pradeep Jena declared that over 12,000 jobs would be created by the project, which is being spearheaded by Kalyani Steel Limited and has a significant investment of over ₹26,000 crore. This is Odisha’s first foray into the competitive world of defence and aerospace manufacturing.

The authorised plan is centred on highlighting the Gajamara, Dhenkanal district, titanium metal and aerospace component production plant owned by Kalyani Steel Limited. Chief Secretary Jena underlined the project’s strategic significance, emphasising how it will help Odisha become known as a titanium product hub globally, particularly because of India’s anticipated explosive growth in the aerospace and military industries.


The initiative’s ability to generate high-end skill employment opportunities is one of its main selling points, providing new options for the state’s youth. To meet the demand for high-skill jobs and advance human resource development, Chief Secretary Jena described plans for partnerships with adjacent Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and polytechnics.

It is anticipated that the project will make Odisha a centre for automobile component manufacturing, attracting the interest of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to the region. Jena emphasised that Kalyani Steel is a pioneer in the aerospace and defence component manufacturing sector and that the project fits India’s growth trajectory and provides prospects for the country to expand globally.

Partnerships with local educational institutions, such as ITIs and polytechnics, have been planned to enhance the skilling landscape in the auto-components, speciality steel and alloys manufacturing industry. These partnerships seek to develop competencies and equip the labour force for high-end, high-skill jobs that are critical to the aerospace and defence manufacturing complex’s development.

Apart from the financial ramifications, the project is anticipated to have repercussions for the nearby startup community and Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs). The project is expected to boost job opportunities and encourage entrepreneurship in the area, which will help Odisha’s economy as a whole.